Ely Bar & Brasserie

On the plate:

~ “Duck liver parfait {mini Waldorf salad & banana brioche}”.

~ “Classic polenta cake & piquillo pepper salad {butternut squash, new season white asparagus & buffalo mozzarella}” as a main course.

~ “Vegetarian parcel {filo pastry stuffed with aubergeine, mixed pepper, courgettes & St Tola goats cheese, served with aged balsamic on a bed of mixed salad}”.

Presentation of the food was great – small pieces of art! Though tastes were not that masterful :( Although my co-taster said that duck liver parfait was melting in the mouth, we were not that impressed with the main courses. I know I asked my polenta cake & piquillo pepper salad as a main course, but just the combination of extreme temperatures were not that pleasant – stone cold polenta (a bit hardened on the edges as well) with hot peppers; if it all was a separate dishes, would have been wonderful tastes; vegetarian parcel was not too exciting as well – everything would have been wonderful if not aubergine – combination of burned, raw and perfectly cooked pieces.

Despite all these small things, the atmosphere and staff were really nice; I have noticed as well that they offer wine tasting courses!

I would like to come back as that day seemed just one of those days were everything went wrong :)

Thank you!


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