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Vermouth. Myths busted


Awesome article by Margarett Waterbury – an Oregon-based writer, editor which made me drool.

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Going for Martini…

“I took (this) attitude with me out in the world, calling vermouth a drink for old ladies, for people who were too wimpy for a real martini, a dry martini, the preferred drink of Hemingway, Churchill, James Bond, and me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The first time I had a martini with a real slug of vermouth in it, I was shocked, because it was absolutely delicious. Instead of gritting my teeth through a punishing glass of teeth-achingly cold straight gin, I was actually enjoying it. Vermouth simply balances gin, adding sweetness, a rounder mouthfeel, and a slight bitter edge to what is frankly often an unbalanced-tasting spirit, all aromatics and no substance.

Vermouth is made out of (usually inexpensive) wine, which is why you can buy it at the grocery store in many states. Typically fortified with brandy or neutral grain spirits, vermouth is also highly aromatized with herbs and spices, giving it a distinctive savory-sweet taste…”

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